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The KUNLUN System: Intro Guide to the Book

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The KUNLUN System: Intro Guide to the Book

The KUNLUN System: A Introductory Guide to The Book. Within the Taoist school of thought, there are many methods and ways to awaken one’s self through body, mind, spirit, breath, form or emptiness.

I have devoted my life to unraveling the great spiritual truths of the universe through my studies with various masters, past and present and their chosen systems of awakening. I have sought to understand the underlying principle or root that these systems have in common.

I eventually created a unique system of awakening, composed of many of my teacher’s accomplishments, along with my own discoveries. I call this system, the KUNLUN System, out of respect to not just one teacher, but to all my past teachers, their arts, and achievements.

The KUNLUN System is a system of practices offered for those seeking a spiritual path of internal alchemy leading to the truth within.

The book is a simple expression of my continued desire to help the world to become a better place for all beings and to bring awakening to all who seek the truth within themselves.

The simple methods in the book will help you begin to awaken yourself naturally, without force and without using your seeking mind, but through the downward or water path system of self-surrender. This is the essence of Taoist Internal Alchemy.

To support our new students from all over the globe on their path, we are offering a 3 hour LIVE online course which will teach you how to get the most out of the book.

We know it can be an overwhelming experience to know where to begin. The book is a very rich resource and it is very natural that students have many questions and wish to understand these sacred arts more deeply.

In this course, we will help you prioritize which practices to master first, review proper postures and answer all your questions in a live Q & A.

This online event is ideal for those who have not attended a seminar with us. Countless students have advanced very far with the book alone and we will share with you how that can be accomplished.

I am looking forward to meeting you and I leave you with this quote from one of my teachers:

“First you must become aware that there is a path to follow, then later you will become awakened knowing that the path is within you, lastly an enlightened person would never say they are enlightened because the true Tao cannot be explained, only directly experienced from within or laughed about”

Practices that may be covered time permitting: KUNLUN System, I Jong, 5 Elements, Daoist Traveling Hands, 3 Ones Meditation, Moon Point Healing

This event is offered periodically throughout the year upon request. Please contact us if you are interested in attending this event. 

*Many people are experiencing hardship during these difficult times.  We wish everyone who feels called to the sacred teachings to be able to learn.  If you would like to attend, but are unable due to financial strain please email [email protected]