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Primordial Alchemist has become a leading spiritual development school teaching tens of thousands of students from every walk of life to re-discover their true hidden potential not experienced in other systems.

The “water path” – the celestial way of Taoism – has lead the field in helping others reach their goals of spiritual realization and has changed the world in passing on once hidden knowledge to the masses in an old traditional manner of the master to student transmission of once hidden truths, and were only practiced in remote temples of the east.

All people from all walks of life have had direct mind experiences through the water path of Taoism, and their lives have been changed in so many ways that are too many to describe.

We continue to passionately teach, promote, and hold the standards of teachings as outlined in those lineage masters of the ancient past, the reason why this art has become so well known and successful to all who devote to this authentic path. Learn More

Mixing Spiritual Systems

As practitioners and cultivators, it is important to understand Fire and Water within our Taoist KUNLUN Tradition. And why we avoid mixing spiritual systems.

Many new-age concepts and schools mix systems of awakening. They do not realize the damage that can occur from this. The mixing of different energetic principles incorrectly, like fire and water, can create a destructive result.

Learning from books (not written in the traditional settings) and/or taking a weekend workshop is not sufficient to teach these methods. Teaching without a deep understanding, proper training and experience can damage all involved.

Mixing Fire and Water

If you are learning a traditional system of truth, there is a balanced approach to using fire and water. These energetic principals are also known as the “Kan and Li” essence. There should be actual manifestations, both mentally and physically, and a balanced outlook of the inner and outer aspects of daily life.

People experiment with unknown alchemy that combines aspects from outside systems not within their chosen path of awakening. They hope to further their development or sometimes seek Siddhis or spiritual powers for the wrong purpose. This mixing of spiritual systems creates many issues.

Many people have no access to a formal or traditional teacher. They learn from various books/videos and mix systems without understanding the deeper alchemy. The seasons, age, qi flow directions, diet, and proper mindsets in approaching the spiritual path all have great impact on our methods.

Improper practicing in this way and mixing spiritual systems leads to psychosis, damaging meridians, organ damage, mental instability, inflated egos, etc.

The KUNLUN System – the water path

“This path is uniquely and profoundly water, the downward flow of Heavenly Way. It is extremely important not to mix the KUNLUN System and KUNLUN Method with practices related to the fire path traditions. Avoid combining with forceful methods. Such as kundalini, which is a fiery, upward path of energy flow — with the downward flow and water way. Look at it this way. If there are two trains on the same track coming from opposite directions, it will lead to a crash. You want to avoid this. 

If you are a fire path practitioner and you wish to try the KUNLUN System practices, then I advise you to discontinue the fire practices for three months. Give yourself this time to fully experience the path of the water way. At the end of this three month period, you will need to make a decision about which path is correct for you. I do not recommend combining these opposite paths and flows of energy. If you are uncertain about a specific practice, then simply avoid doing it. 

I call the KUNLUN System the path of no more learning for a very good reason. Which you will discover and understand as you progress through the different levels of your own divine awakening.” ~ The KUNLUN System Book Page 45 

In the KUNLUN System, the the practices prepare the body, mind, and spirit for the natural arising of the fire. Another way of saying this is:

“When the rains from above fall gently upon the fire of the lower caldron, the purified steam arises, giving the slow-burning fire a chance to refine our being further.”

Choosing Longevity

Those who put fire paths above the cooling water of longevity will find it will become a destructive, illusionary form of awakening. Water and fire must always balance each other equally.

We ask you to reflect on and look at your chosen path. Observe what you practice each day. Make sure that these two essential elements are in harmony within you.

A Taoist in Modern Times

How to live as a Traditional Taoist in the modern times. As Taoist practitioners, we strive to maintain and uphold our chosen traditions. However, the demands of the modern world, both internally and externally, can challenge us daily. During extreme challenges, many people give up the path because of not seeing immediate results.

Take heart. We are not alone on this path.

As we move towards our full awakening, we must learn to walk in balance according to the rules of nature. We can look to those who came before us, like our teachers, who have lived and walked this path for a long time.

Through their personal experience traveling the life of a Taoist, they can, by practical experience, help you. Sometimes you may feel as though you can go no further or “hit a wall,” so to speak. This is natural.

But what can you do during these times? And what would be a few simple suggestions to make the path smoother?

Making a Smoother Path

Firstly, live your life according to the ebb and flow of nature. Trust that all will be as it should. Make sure you live in a positive mindset, heartfelt and compassionate on your journey toward remembering.

Secondly, make sure to have proper spiritual methods with a lineage that brings you joy but also brings up your dark side to witness. When this happens, take responsibility for your actions (and not point the blame toward others) so you can remove it.

You see, the world is full of this kind of habitual programming, and yes, it takes real and honest effort to change one’s self and one’s view of the world. It requires taking constant inventory and self-observation, but with time, we can change these habits by simply practicing proper living, respecting others, being in and honoring nature, and simply walking the royal path humbly. Living by example and deed in positive virtue, as the ancient teachers did, cannot be overstressed and will insure that your path to Spirit will become less of a struggle. ~ Page 18 The KUNLUN System

Thirdly, surround yourself with things that guide you in a positive direction while removing distractions and any items that move you away from the path. This is where non-grasping and non-attachment have importance.

Fourthly, make sure to have the correct type of diet for your body. Everyone’s body is different and needs different substances to sustain it. Following nature’s variety and making sure the food is sourced from companies that care for the earth and use regenerative organic farming.

The Power of Simplicity

Keep the path simple during these complex times. You will see results from the mind’s choices made in a positive state, and your journey towards the heart of the great mystery will unfold. I leave you with a short story with one of my Taoist teachers.

One day my Taoist teacher asked me, “What is enlightenment to you?” My response included something to the effect of, “It is something, if true, that could only be laughed about, much like what the Tibetan tradition calls crazy wisdom, or entering the realm of the great mystery known as Tao.” My teacher replied, “First you must become aware that there is a path to follow, then later you will become awake knowing that the path is within you, lastly an enlightened person would never say he or she is enlightened because the true Tao cannot be explained, only directly experienced from within or laughed about.” I was also given a stern warning, which has proven to be a valuable lesson: “The wise man always walks with his head bowed in humbleness.” I was then asked by my teacher to state the form of enlightenment I had been seeking. I replied that I wished to become illuminated from within, much like the Tibetan rainbow body, or as the Taoists call it, the indestructible diamond body. With this goal in mind, and with the cooperation and help of all my teachers through the years, I discovered my purpose and passion, and in time, the KUNLUN System was born. ~ Page 10 The KUNLUN System

Springtime Cleaning

It’s spring! The KUNLUN System, the water path, is a way of springtime cleaning. Have you dusted off the mind dross of the last year?

In this time, we wish to start springtime by letting go of any negativity of thoughts or outer experiences that we have held on to.

This new beginning allows us to introspect on our purpose for our personal journey. We need to look inside our minds and outwardly to our daily movement of our world.

Do not focus on the negativity of the global world or the illusions that currently happen. Attention to this will only distract the mind from the task of the springtime cleansing.

Reflect on how you live your life daily, outside your practicing. Ask yourself, “Am I truly living the art by cultivating in every moment? Do I see all things as a positive potential for my growth?”

As you constantly go through this mind cleaning, the spiritual stage will be set for quicker growth. This mindset will create more positive manifestations within your outer life.

Change Begins from Within

As you clean your house from within, you will change things outside. For example, you may change diets, living locations, interactions with people, jobs. The aspects of your life and your being that no longer serve your path will drop away, and new experiences and opportunities will arise to support your unique journey.

Springtime cleaning also means dusting off your inner and outer reality. Both worlds can live in harmony. Remember that all changes outside must first come from within, not the other way around.

Those who do the springtime sweeping of their life will find simplicity, peacefulness, fewer fears, and deep inner happiness for life and connection with nature.

So let us sweep the heart and mind of last year’s fears, doubts, and self-imposed obstacles and remember,

“Today is the first day of your new life and the last of the old.”

Springtime Sweep

  1. Donate to your local shelter all items in your house that you have not used in the past 2-year. This allows others to enjoy the articles that are less fortunate.

  2. Assess your diet. Does the food you eat support your wellbeing? Your body has a happy weight and will fluctuate 5lb, give or take. If the body continuously gains weight every year, one needs to re-evaluate the type of food going into the system or the amount consumed. Create a happy balance for the spirit house to evolve.

  3. A balance between spirit, work and play. Make sure enough time is spent on each and not too much of one thing. Create a schedule and stick to it.

Enjoy this new beginning!


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Music & Our KUNLUN System

Using music for our KUNLUN System. Music is an important tool in altering the mind’s perception and inner focus during our own cultivation.

Whenever we practice, our minds need to flow into a specific state of being to support the goal of our cultivation.

There is music relating to the five elements. Music that excites and music that calms one’s mind when we are experiencing a specific element. To know which music or chants to use can be an important aspect to success within the path you walk.

Practice Music

KUNLUN Practice music should be an exciting and moving sound flavor to lighten the heavy mind.

Taoist music, which is light in texture, is fine for all of your practices. Tibetan chantings as well as the mantras of Guru Rinpoche can assist you in Earth related meditations.

When you’re trying to get into a fiery state of being, drums or strong fire elemental music would be just fine.

The Water element is supported by Classical music, Kitaro the Japanese composer, and nature sounds (except for the crashing ocean sounds) with our ways of practice.

Like alchemy, you will need to experiment with sounds which entrain the brain into theta, delta and gamma.

Now what kind of music do we not use? Hard rock, rap, metal, goth, anger related musical sounds or lyrics that degrade another being. These are not to be used.

Following the Inner Sound

In the highest levels, once you have become “self” entrained easily into these mind states, one should listen to the inner sound heard inside the head. Following the sound back to its source reveals itself as an all pervasive gold or white light.

Seek the perfect sound for each of your practices. Once you have found the music, sounds or mantras that work for you with that specific practice, only use that piece of music. Do not change it so that the mind and the subconscious can lock onto the perfect state of mind.

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The KUNLUN® System reveals the hidden root, giving one the key to awakening within oneself.

The KUNLUN® System reveals the hidden root, giving one the key to awakening within oneself. Through meditative and breathing techniques, the KUNLUN System facilitates the complete opening of the energy body, including the chakras, energy meridians, and three specific energy storage areas called dantiens.

The system is named after the Kunlun Mountains, home of the immortals, where ancient masters taught the great alchemical secrets to their students, resulting in the illumination of the body, mind, and spirit into the living body of light.

Max Christensen brings to you these ancient alchemical secrets through the KUNLUN System so you may access the divine hidden potential within your own being.

The KUNLUN® System reveals the hidden root, giving one the key to awakening within oneself. Through meditative and breathing techniques, the KUNLUN System facilitates the complete opening of the energy body, including the chakras, energy meridians, and three specific energy storage areas called dantiens.

The system is named after the Kunlun Mountains, home of the immortals, where ancient masters taught the great alchemical secrets to their students, resulting in the illumination of the body, mind, and spirit into the living body of light.

Max Christensen brings to you these ancient alchemical secrets through the KUNLUN System so you may access the divine hidden potential within your own being.

“Your human body is a miracle of the universe with the great mysteries housed within it. You are the universe. You are the essence of living light, slowed down into the physical manifestation of frozen light. When we do our practices, we are speeding ourselves back up into the sacred vibration of truth, even beyond the speed of light, and in the process we remember who and what we truly are and what we came here to do.”

Max Christensen

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When fear comes up, see it as something amazing and know you are on the right track. Greatness is on the other side.
Diana Christensen
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Lose yourself in order to find yourself. No destination leads towards the goal. Gather your thoughts and let them go.
Max Christensen
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