Primordial Alchemist is a private, spiritual based organization. 

We offer a wide range of programs designed to awaken and purify the body. Our system is based on the downward flow or water path and does not mix with fire path Taoism, Kundalini, or other fire based tradition. To understand more about the water path visit the KUNLUN System page.

Courses are exclusively available to patrons of Primordial Alchemist. This page provides a preview to some of the courses available to patrons. For more information about joining Primordial Alchemist click here.


The KUNLUN System is a complete system of awakening following the ancient water path of Taoism. The traditional body, mind, and spirit training methods unite together to achieve the “gold dragon” form of illumination. This manifestation is equal to the returnable rainbow body of Tibet. The practices open all the meridians, regrow the glands, awaken dormant potentials of the brain, and longevity. Taoism’s water path is not known well to the western world and is a refreshing direction to achieving one’s spiritual goals in this life. Learn more here

Mind training in this unique system is to develop and refine the five elements and emotions. Through specific meditations, the monkey mind of polarity is slowly dissolved into the mind of non-duality, leading to the clear light mind found within the middle dantian. The mind training has various practices that are taught based on the path the practitioner has chosen. Mind development also reflects the state of the body because they reflect each other’s state of refinement on the path towards the great mystery. Learn more here.

Courses are exclusively available to patrons of Primordial Alchemist.

This page provides a preview to some of the courses available to patrons. For more information about joining Primordial Alchemist click here.

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In these workshops, you will learn traditional Taoist internal palm methods, enhancing your Qi to heal yourself and others through various methods aimed at internal development. After the basics are taught, each person will get the opportunity to learn a specific method of inner palm development based on their own individual interest. This class is not focused on martial arts skills but individual’s spiritual development using time-tested methods.  Learn more here.

Wei Qi is practiced by many ancient masters to preserve their protective Qi and keep their bodies safe from outer influences that did not follow nature’s natural forces. Through specific meditations and breathing methods, the abundant inner qi would flow outside the body and build a “magnetic” potential to keep the practitioner full of qi to affect the outer environment for positive purposes. Learn more here.

Explore the leisurely, peaceful, and meditative Art of Tea. We offer Beginner Tea, Five Elements Tea, Taoist Tea, and Snake 8-Trigram Tea. In these classes, you will learn the significance and function of tea ceremonies as social events that bring people together and allows individuals to feel special and uplifted.

You will learn to identify various types of teas, ranging from green, red, and black teas. How to use the Xising clay pots and the Gaiwan cup. You will also learn technical and ceremonial protocols, such as the appropriate setting of the tea table, how the implements are used, how to use lighting to create a positive feeling and placement for a proper tearoom experience. Hands-on training on the basics of tea preparation, making tea-infused foods will be discussed in a leisurely atmosphere.

If you are seeking something peaceful or sharing a special moment with someone special, this is your class. Learn more on our Tea Ceremony page

 You will learn various methods to enhance your own health. These ancient Taoist self-healing methods utilize pinching, rolling, rubbing, point pressing, and stretching to relax, tone, and increase your qi flow. The Tao-Yin system was widely practiced throughout China and had many variations based on both the teacher and the school of thought. Pressing of points to stimulate the qi. Rubbing the muscles to enhance blood circulation. Stretching to relax the muscles. Rolling to warm the body parts. Shaking to detoxify the organs. Breathing naturally, as in the “one-breath,” is also stressed along with cultivating a quiet, peaceful mind to reduce stress which is a major cause of “dis-ease.” This class requires loose clothing, plenty of water, and a good stretching or yogic mat to practice on. This class is for those seeking better health through a softer means of healing cultivation. Learn more here

Mongolian Ceremonies assist the practitioner in purging the body and mind. Awakening is 98% purification; each Ceremony coordinates with the elements, animals, and the unseen spirits. These ceremonies are designed to purify the body-mind, assisting in personal growth, not a course on “how to be a shaman” or instructorship.

Experience the traditional aspects of Mongolian Medicine by engaging in ceremonial rituals to the sky tengers and our spirits helpers. You will purify the body-mind through various dances, breathing, and levels of ceremonies. Learn more here

You must be a 5-year active practitioner of the KUNLUN System to take this in person course. The Egyptian method of awakening originates from the school of Anubis. These ancient ways are not commonly known to the west except for those whose destiny allowed them to find this self-introspection style. This branch of evolving oneself trains in the forbidden “Sah” breath written about in the pyramid text and certain books on Egyptian alchemy. This serpent’s breath uses specific postures, long breathing, and periods of standing for specific times while facing the morning sun. This system requires the practitioner’s preparations to cleanse and clear the obstructions of their body, mind, and spirit. Learn more here

This art is not a martial arts class but a moving meditation to center the self and connect with nature through the “walking the circle” method. This class will stress the union of body, breath, mind, and spirit through this simple method. Also taught will be given some simple hand postures to unify heaven, earth, and man, within the practitioner’s microcosm. Various standing postures will be taught, such as the development of “internal” palm, which has various usages such as healing and hand strengthening. Walking Circle is a perfect health method for those with little room to practice other arts. The joints are made more flexible, the blood flow is increased, and the mind through the breath is regulated. This art uses circles and body twisting, which massage your internal organs and the lymph gland system. Learn more here