The KUNLUN ™️ System Book

The KUNLUN System reveals the hidden root, giving one the key to awakening within oneself. Through meditative and breathing techniques, the KUNLUN System facilitates the complete opening of the energy body, including the chakras, energy meridians, and three specific energy storage areas called dantiens.

The system is named after the Kunlun Mountains, home of the immortals, where ancient masters taught the great alchemical secrets to their students, resulting in the illumination of the body, mind, and spirit into the living body of light.

I have devoted my life to unraveling the great spiritual truths of the universe through my studies with various masters, past and present, and their chosen systems of awakening. I have sought to understand the underlying principle or root that all these systems have in common. After spending most of my life searching and studying, I eventually created a unique system of awakening, comprised of many of my teachers’ accomplishments, along with my own discoveries. I call this system the KUNLUN System out of respect to not just one teacher, but to all of my past teachers, their arts, and achievements.

The KUNLUN System is a system of practices offered for those seeking a spiritual path of internal alchemy leading to the truth within. There are various forms of Kunlun martial arts and Taoist qi-gung schools relating to the Kunlun Mountains, and each school has its own unique philosophies and tastes in training the body, mind, and spirit. To me, KUNLUN Name refers to the mountain of the immortals, the place of no more learning, and also the root leading to inner expression. 

“Your human body is a miracle of the universe with the great mysteries housed within it. You are the universe. You are the essence of living light, slowed down into the physical manifestation of frozen light. When we do our practices, we are speeding ourselves back up into the sacred vibration of truth, even beyond the speed of light, and in the process we remember who and what we truly are and what we came here to do.”

Page 9 of the KUNLUN System Book by Max Christensen

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I would like to express my thanks to the spirit of the great mystery known as Tao for giving me the wonderful chance to live upon this beautiful world. I thank the world of spirit for granting me the unique experiences of meeting many great masters of various mystical traditions. I sincerely thank these great masters who have allowed me to express their life teachings through the spiritual system known to many throughout the world as the KUNLUN System. May these simple yet pro-found teachings give those searching for their spiritual roots the gifts to awaken their own spiritual perfection within themselves and help bring the world and all of life into a state of balance and harmony.

Max Christensen

“Dragon and Phoenix meet within the center palace. Stillness is the great awakening.”

"What I have seen over and over again is that we first become aware that there is something missing in our life, something special and unseen. As we develop our inner sensitivity through various methods, we suddenly become aware that what we see and experience with the five senses is limited, but when a sixth sense starts to slowly develop, there is the awakening, a realization or illumination that we are light beings in physical form, and at this level there is an emanation of light from deep within. It is the spiritual light seen only by sensitive people, when their sky eye opens, not by people with limited openness.

In various traditions throughout the world, this level of illumination is called the indestructible diamond body, the gold dragon body, the red phoenix of the nine palaces, moksha, and the returnable rainbow body – just to name a few reflections of this spiritual attainment. Enlightenment is the culmination of one’s spiritual life on Earth, which can come to one’s soul before death, during the dying process, or even after their life on Earth has finished. As to variations of such matters, there are different levels and forms of enlightenment, again based on the system of awakening. The Taoist way of the diamond body, gold dragon, and red phoenix body are forms of practice leading to the great opening towards enlightenment.”

Page 10 of the KUNLUN System book by Max Christensen

As you read this book, the art of the KUNLUN System has spread throughout the world, bringing happiness and blissful awakenings to places where spirituality is needed, by people devoted to helping both themselves and others who are less fortunate or living in inaccessible areas where there are no teachings or teachers. This book is a simple expression of my continued desire to help the world to become a better place for all beings and to bring awakening to all who seek the truth within themselves. I do not proclaim myself a master or a sifu, just a simple man who made a choice to help those seeking a spiritual path.

It is my desire to simply reveal that the true elixir of awakening must come from both the energy of Tao and the merging of the childlike nature of one’s own heart. The simple methods within this book will help you to begin to awaken yourself naturally, without force and without using your seeking mind, but through the action of the downward or water path system of self-surrender. This is the essence of Taoist Internal Alchemy. 

Max Christensen

"Perhaps the simplest yet most meaningful teaching that I always stress is the importance of maintaining a simple, child-like, playful nature."

About The Author – Max Christensen

Max Christensen, the founder of the KUNLUN System, has studied various esoteric spiritual traditions throughout most of his life. Through his own personal experiences and traveling around the world learning from various masters of awakening, he developed the KUNLUN System.

Max began his early spiritual path at the age of six, learning the Taoist ways of health and alchemy, along with traditional shamanic ways of connecting with nature. Later in life, he was exposed to the Nyingma tradition, Hawaiian Peleku and Kanelu tradition of Kauai, the Native American red willow tradition, Mongolian shamanism, Maoshan Taoism, and the Egyptian School of Tet.

Max continues to teach this simple system of self-awakening through classes and seminars to many students throughout the world, reflecting the positive merits of this unique system.

Max has been on public radio interviews abroad, examined by the scientist of Beijing psychic research institute in China on the positive effects of this unique system, and continues to develop a deeper understanding of the great spiritual traditions through his own personal practice of the KUNLUN System.

“Remember, you are the beginning and the end of the path that you alone choose. Your own mind dictates how you will awaken, where the path will take you, and what you will attain in this lifetime.”

~ Max Christensen