Wei Chi is a form of internal cultivation.  A strong Wei Chi is necessary for cultivators of the spiritual pathso as not to be affected by influences of the outer world.

Burning Skeleton

Burning Skeleton is a  transformational meditation used to “burn out” mental and energetic impurities that cannot be seen by the conscious mind.  In the gold dragon way, the “un-seeing” mind can hold back the manifestations of our practices from coming to realization. Through this multifaceted practice, we will clear the path to higher understandings within the KUNLUN system.

Meditation to absorb the Five-Element Solar Rays

This special sunrise/sunset practice will help develop the “yang-yang” body energy needed to perfect the gold dragon body. By using the medium of a very clear crystal combined with sunlight you will be able to fill the energetic five element organs with yang-yang energy for both health and feeding the energy body. This method will also teach you to see higher vibrations once you master this art.

Mantras to open the Katika Channel

We will teach you how to use sound to open the “katika” channel, a necessary way of bringing your busy mind into a “one-pointed focus.”  Mantras will be taught along with posture and hand mudras to bring the mantra’s energy into the katika channel. The katika channel is an energetic system apart from the acupuncture routes.  Within our body’s energy system are two main systems that are not connected to each other. The Katika channel which is also known as the channel of “clarity” is the main energy conduit leading towards true awakening via the “clear light” of the true mind in the heart center. By combining the heart-mind with the spatial or non-polarity mind this channel will naturally open leading to enlightenment through the formed self-becoming formless. This magnetic channel is required to reach self-perfection if one follows the “water path” found within our KUNLUN System.

Inner Illumination Method for the Crystal Palace

We will teach you how to use light as the medium to awaken the Crystal Palace within the upper dan tian. We will show you various ways of stimulating the Crystal Palace to open the eyes’ receptors to subtle vibrations.  The crystal palace is a sacred center within the structures deep within the brain which is a doorway to spiritual experiences found within the unseen world around us.  By stimulating this center which is called the “mud palace” before it is opened the biochemical activity of the brain starts to create its own elixir of awakening called DMT.  There are various means to create this sacred substance either by breathing in various patterns or using light stimulation from within through meditative techniques.

Balancing Your Body Through Mantra and Mudra

Mantra and Mudras have been utilized for millennia by practitioners to connect with deep states of stillness, relaxation, and inner calm.  We will teach you powerful practices to reduce inner stress, especially those due to environmental issues that put unnecessary pressure on both the mind and the body.  You will learn how to combine your breathing and intention to internalize the mantra which is accompanied by a simple mudra to remove obstacles.  You are the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega.