Palm Training

In these events, you will learn traditional Taoist internal palm systems Through various techniques aimed at internal development, the practitioner can enhance Qi for health.

After learning the basics, each practitioner will get the opportunity to learn a specific method of inner palm development based on their own individual interest.

This class is not focused on martial arts skills but the individual’s spiritual development using time-tested methods.

Eagle Palm

Eagle Palm training was designed to build grasping power of the fingers and tendons to enable the combination of both internal and external strength for various purposes. Great for those who work with their hands. In this class, you will learn to enhance your hand and finger strength through traditional training.  There will be outer and inner methods described to perfect the training along with items needed to train at home. The training itself is intense and requires good physical health and a disciplined mind to reach successful attainment in this ancient art.

Five Element Palm

The Five Elements Palm class will utilize the static Five Element Palm methods in a seated position to build up qi which is then channeled through the palms. The method will use extremely slow movements to build palm intensity followed by Five Element slapping of the hands-on physical representations of those elements along with connecting the qi in the proper constructive patterns to enhance one’s inner skill and cultivation.

Burning Palm

Burning Palm will be a full participation class this means you will be demonstrating during the course to make sure you are doing the practice correctly. Burning palm teaches you how to develop a “yang” palm for both inner and outer usage.  You will learn the holding postures followed by the slow movement to generate intense palm energy.  We will also cover ways to develop the bones and tendons’ strength and to develop the penetrating force.

Vibrating Palm

Vibrating Palm will be a full participation class this means you will be demonstrating during the course to make sure you are doing the practice correctly.  Vibrating palm, you will learn to build palm qi through both static and shaking methods and use the “Kien yen” palm style to develop twisting power. In the ancient days, when mastered, one could send vibrations into the body without showing any external signs on the body.

Mysterious Palm

The mysterious palm has long been forgotten and is rarely practiced anymore due to its secrecy in the old times. This rare palm style is at the “shen” or spiritual level of internal cultivation. In the ancient days of Taoism, the masters created “thunder” magic in which the practitioner would cultivate and magnify their internal energy. This practice leads one to reveal the nature of “red lightning” which occurs from the ground towards the clouds in the sky during intense storms. The mysterious palm when unified with the KUNLUN Energy allows many forms of realization. It is for those practitioners that wish to develop deeper mysteries of the Tao. Learn More