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KUNLUN Seminar Level 1, Los Gatos CA

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KUNLUN Seminar Level 1, Los Gatos CA

KUNLUN Seminar Level 1
Los Gatos, CA

The Celestial Water Path to Enlightenment…

Since the times of Antiquity, the True Alchemical Teachings which gave authentic awakening were extremely rare. Receiving teaching from Masters who had attained the highest spiritual awakening of the Living Body of Light were reserved for very few and fortunate individuals. These rare teachings are now being offered to those walking the path of true knowing. 

The KUNLUN System is for those seeking the path of no-more learning.

This ancient method arises from the temple of the Great Taoist Immortals in the sacred Kunlun Mountains. This is where Fu Xi, The Dragon Immortal of the East first taught these ancient skills.

The KUNLUN System is the Celestial (water) path to enlightenment. 

Mugen Roshi (Max) and his wife Diana Dao Shi teach this traditional Taoist system in a light-hearted and simple way, providing the tools needed to attain results in alchemical cultivation, and leading the practitioner to a quick awakening of their true dormant potential. The foundational methods of KUNLUN Seminar Level 1 will help practitioners begin to awaken themselves naturally by connecting to one’s childlike nature. The KUNLUN System does not utilize force or the seeking mind, but instead achieves awakening through self-surrender, the downward flow of water. This is the essence of Taoist Internal Alchemy.

The practices offered in The KUNLUN System are for those seeking a spiritual path of internal alchemy leading to the truth within.

Practices that may be covered, time permitting: KUNLUN System, One Breath, I-Jong, Red Phoenix, 5 Elements, Laughter Qi Gong, Daoist Traveling Hands, and much more!

KUNLUN Seminar Level 1 with Mugen Roshi & Dao Shi

Date: March 16th & 17th, 2024
Time: Sat. 10am-2pm & Sun. 10am- 2pm

Toll House Hotel
140 South Santa Cruz Ave.
Los Gatos, CA  95030
[email protected]

Registration Information: 

Limited Early Bird Special: $600 for the first 26 registrants!
General Admission: $800

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Pre-Requisites: Practitioners of all levels may attend. All practitioners must sign and complete the Primordial Alchemist AOK Privacy Waiver prior to class in order to attend.