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One-Point Looking

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One-Point Looking

One-Point Looking
Online Event

Ancient teachings are a treasure trove of secrets for cultivators.

The practice of point-looking is one such treasure. This teaching can be found in the higher level practices of all ancient traditions, but it is essential that it is properly transmitted and understood.

One-point looking increases the storage capacity of Qi, awakens the nine dormant temples in the brain, and reveals the secrets hidden within the body-mind-spirit.

It feeds the Gold Dragon body, stimulates the Crystal Palace, and regrows the Pineal Gland.

Point looking is a very simple method that can be practiced in just a few minutes and is essential for Cultivators.

Date: Saturday, February 10, 2024
Time: 2pm-5pm PST
Location: Zoom
Registration: Early Bird Special: $300, after Feb 1st 2024:  $350
Prerequisite: Must be a Patron of Primordial Alchemist and have attended one live  Event with Mugen Roshi & Dao Shi. For more information about joining Primordial Alchemist click here.