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Mysterious Palm

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Mysterious Palm

We are thrilled to announce the next in Primordial Alchemist’s Palm Training Series: Mysterious Palm!

The mysterious palm has long been forgotten and is rarely practiced anymore due to its secrecy in the old times. This rare palm style is at the “shen” or spiritual level of internal cultivation. In the ancient days of Taoism, the masters created “thunder” magic in which the practitioner would cultivate and magnify their internal energy.

This practice leads one to reveal the nature of “red lightning” which occurs from the ground towards the clouds in the sky during intense storms. The mysterious palm when unified with the KUNLUN Energy allows many forms of realization. It is for those practitioners that wish to develop deeper mysteries of the Tao.

Mysterious palm is always practiced outside near bodies of water and thunderstorms. A strong connection with the thunder deity Lao gong will naturally occur as we internalize this unique one of a kind shen gong.

Strong mind and focus with a good control of internal energy is required for this deep method of red lightning cultivation. There will be meditations, mantras and a standing meditation included in this system.

Those practitioners with heart weakness or if you have a lot of mental negativity should not do the mysterious palm until you have perfected yourself to a clear level of attainment both physically and mentally.

Prerequisite: Must have a working camera we will spend time going over the forms and watching you to make sure they are being done correctly.

Date: Sunday March 21st
Time: 11am Pacific
Tuition: $300