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Snake Kung Fu, Sedona AZ

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Snake Kung Fu, Sedona AZ

Snake Kung Fu

Sedona, AZ


“Snake Kung Fu: A Taoist Path of Harmonizing the Body, Mind, and Spirit”

Join us in exploring this unique, village style Taoist internal martial art. Snake Kung Fu is a holistic approach to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit.

Imagine moving with the grace and fluidity of a snake. As the serpent energy flows, so do we, with movements that twist and coil, lubricating each joint, enriching the flow of blood and qi, and stretching the spine.

The gentle motions of this practice open the body’s circulation and stimulate the glands that keep you healthy.  For those seeking a relaxed way to move that boosts your internal and external health, Snake Kung Fu is perfect.

There are many levels to this art- internal movements, external movements, and the breath. Through the specific snake breathing, we guide chi deep within, fortifying our core. Mugen Roshi and Dao Shi begin these teachings with the ‘Snake Swallowing the Sun,’ a foundational practice to fill the reservoirs of chi essential for walking the snake’s path.

Snake Kung Fu builds the foundation for advanced teachings, such as the “Snake Bagua,” integrating both dynamic and still practices, from sitting to moving meditations. Anyone who is ready to put in the time and effort can learn this ancient art, offering a unique way to channel and express the cultivated KUNLUN energy.

Date: June 8th & 9th, 2024
Time: Sat. 3pm-6pm & Sun. 3pm- 6pm

120 Deer Trail Ave
Sedona, AZ 86336
(832) 748-0777

Registration Information
Registration for Snake Kung Fu: $699
Early Registration KUNLUN Seminar & Snake Combo: $1200 (April 1st-19th)
General Admission KUNLUN Seminar & Snake Combo: $1400
Online Registration: April 1- June 5th

Pre-Requisites: To attend Snake Kung Fu, Practitioners must have attended one in person seminar prior to 2024 and have actively been practicing the KUNLUN System for a minimum of 1 year.

All practitioners must sign and complete the Primordial Alchemist AOK Privacy Waiver prior to class in order to attend.