Month: April 2021

May & June Retreat – No Classes

During the Months of May and June there will be no classes as Dao Shi and Mugen Roshi will be on retreat. The Self-Mastery Event in April will be the last opportunity to learn with them until July. Please enjoy all the new content on our website including the New Student Guide and Q & A pages. New blogs will be released each month.

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Max Christensen Interview

This Sunday, April 4 @ 7pm, Max Christensen (Mugen Roshi) will make a rare live interview appearance and be the special guest on Inner Journey with Greg Friedman. Mugen Roshi will be sharing his personal story, the origins of KUNLUN System, our art & lineage, as well as introducing upcoming classes. The second hour of the show is open to callers & questions. We would love for you to join us and listen!

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Kidney Regeneration

In all spiritual traditions, any practitioner who does high-level energy cultivation knows the kidneys’ great importance.
Kidney energy is directly correlated to the Water Element.

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