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Kidney Regeneration

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Kidney Regeneration

In all spiritual traditions, any practitioner who does high-level energy cultivation knows the kidneys’ great importance. Kidney regeneration is a vital element in every spiritual practitioner’s path.

Kidney energy is directly correlated to the Water Element. It is the key to Life Force Essence and the basis for health, preservation, and regeneration. In many traditions, the kidneys are known as the ‘Root of Life’.

Kidneys can weaken over time with stress, age, fear, excessive emotion and isolation. Depleted kidney energy could lead to weakness, irritability, mental fatigue/memory loss, physical exhaustion, premature aging and a compromised spiritual practice.

Keeping our kidneys strong and balanced is a vital element in spiritual cultivation and for a long, healthy life. Kidney Regeneration is especially important if one is doing a long sitting retreat which can put stress on this vital organ.

In our tradition, there are specific methods of kidney regeneration depending on the season. These various methods were designed so practitioners could always keep the kidneys at full strength.

In this class, we will discuss traditional elements that affect the kidneys including age, seasonal change, massage, as well as meditative practices to protect and revitalize our power supply within our body. 

We will also discuss the do’s and don’ts of these specific methods to ensure our kidneys are in excellent condition. These practices of kidney regeneration in turn fuel the body, brain, and nervous system to aid us towards our spiritual goal. 

Let us begin to explore these traditional methods of self regeneration that will change both the internal and external world on the path inwards toward the Tao.

When: July 18th, 11am to 2pm Pacific Time
Tuition: $300


クラス料金:$300 + tax

通訳料込み手数料:6000 yen






Kidney Regeneration(腎臓再生クラス)では、腎臓の力を素晴らしい状態で保つための手法を実践するにあたり、やるべき事、やってはいけない事をお話し致します。腎臓を強く保つ事は、身体と脳と神経システムが霊的なゴールに向かう燃料になっていきます。



※ 絶対に録音又は口外しない約束ができるクンルン実践者のクラスです。

※ お申込み締切は7月15日(木)ですが、定員に達し次第締切とさせて頂きます。

※ このクラスはズームを利用したオンラインクラスです。