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Earth 3 Vision Quest

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Earth 3 Vision Quest

The vision quest is an age old practice to receive messages from the spirit world to guide oneself on the journey to self learning and understanding the purpose of their life. In the Earth 3 Vision Quest class, Mugen Roshi and Dao Shi will guide you through this traditional Mongolian Ceremony.

This sacred method of personal guidance has always been done in the solitude of the deep forest, sacred mountaintops and places where the life force of the unseen spirits were strong.

Vision quests found in all traditions are a form of communication with the spirit world that a seeker of the truth can personally experience through the guidance of an elder who knows the old ways.

Your journey starts upon registering, with a video from Mugen Roshi and Dao Shi guiding you how to prepare your sacred items and sacred space. 

Every participant will mail in a photo of themselves with their name handwritten on it. These photos stand as the physical representation of each practitioner. Mugen Roshi and Dao Shi will place the photos in the center of their ceremonial circle during the Vision Quest Event. This creates the energetic protection, connection, and support during the ceremony.

The Vision Quest Event begins Saturday morning with a Zoom class instructing you on the ceremony.  You will spend the day creating your sacred space and rejoin via Zoom an hour before sunset.  Mugen Roshi and Dao Shi will view your space and offer suggestions if necessary.  We will check in via Zoom once more in the middle of the night and rejoin Sunday morning to reflect and share our experiences.

There are many variations of vision quests in different traditions. The outcomes of this practice may be profound or very subtle depending on the intent and purpose of the individual practitioner.

If you’re seeking this connection to the spiritual world, this basic spirit quest will open the door to deeper levels of self learning.

Watch the video below for an introduction to the Vision Quest from Max & Diana Christensen.

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*This class is limited to 20 participants

Date: September 25-26

Cost: $750 

Time: 36 hrs – 4 Zoom Sessions over the course of the Vision Quest

*Vision Quest Ceremony is from sunset to sunrise.

Location: Your favorite spot in the forest that has a phone connection or a big backyard with trees. Please find your spot before class.

Prerequisite: Completed 3 Primordial Alchemist Mongolian Ceremony Classes.

If you have not taken 3 Mongolian Ceremony Classes, please email [email protected] for further instructions.

Each Practitioner must have a Partner (unless in the backyard or a safe location).

Need: camping gear, food, water, homemade sticks for post, yarn, sinew (synthetic), 1 yard of cloth. Bring ties from earth level 2 if you have them if not a ball of yarn.