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The Burning Skeleton

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The Burning Skeleton

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Back by popular demand from the Primordial Alchemist Wei Chi Series, Burning Skeleton is a transformational meditation used to “burn out” mental and energetic impurities that cannot be seen by the conscious mind. This LIVE class will be in English only.

In the gold dragon way, the “un-seeing” mind can hold back the manifestations of our practices from coming to realization. Awakening is 98% purification. Burning Skeleton meditation is a powerful technique of purification that allows the practitioner to witness the “un-seeing” mind, connect to their inner limitation, and take responsibility for their own actions.

Through this multifaceted practice, we will clear the path to higher understandings within the KUNLUN system.

Date: Sunday October 24th 

Time: 11am-2pm PT   

Cost:  $300