How do I deal with psychic attacks, negative forces or entities?

In our tradition, we see all as mind. By developing the spatial awareness of non-polarity, all elements of mind can be changed through understanding of the Tao. 

Various experiences may reflect our fears or aspects of ourselves that need our attention. They may show us where we can become more balanced. The One Breath and the Five Elements practices from the KUNLUN System book can support us in bringing us back to our center. They help balance the elements within us, ground us and to calm the mind. An imbalance in the heart may accompany anger, an imbalance in the kidney may accompany fear.  

We use all experiences as an opportunity to master ourselves. We remember that fear is a positive experience waiting to be revealed to us.

One must give permission for such things to occur either consciously or subconsciously. Our mind is the element which creates our present reality.