What do you recommend for living a healthy lifestyle?

Students are very committed to living as healthy as lifestyle as possible. We always suggest students do their own research and trust themselves.

For us, a healthy lifestyle means to walk on the earth in a way that is gentle, healing and empowering and to do no harm. It is about living the life that we are inspired to and wish that for you as well. 

First and most importantly, we recommend students take beautiful care of themselves with the highest quality organic and ethical living foods. Know where your food come from and how it was treated. We recommend organic, pastured – humanely raised & harvested foods with environmental stewardship in mind. We do not indulge in one kingdom more than the other following the ways of nature creating balance. This is the middle path.

Make sure the water you are drinking is clean and pure. Take every opportunity to explore and be in nature.

Live with your mind in the heart and treat yourself and others with the virtues of love, compassion, humility, and joy. Do your practices which will build strong protective chi and breath from your belly with the One Breath.

We live in harmony with the energies of the seasons and the cosmos resting when we need rest and staying active in the ways that bring us joy. We spend as much time as possible in nature and regenerative environments. Nature is the greatest teacher and healer of mind, body, and spirit.

We have compiled a list of resources and products that we trust on the Recommended Products page. Please remember to trust yourself and your own guidance and to stay out of fear. The world outside can be a great distraction. Stay vigilant in your goals and practices and you will succeed! 

The KUNLUN System book has many recommendations on how to live a balanced life in the middle path!