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FREE Guided Meditation

There is much happening in the world today. This is an exciting time but we know it can feel intense sometimes.

During this time, it is good to go inward and focus on building a strong mind, qi, and truly cultivating yourselves. “When you awaken yourself, you awaken all of humanity.”

We, as cultivators, get to set an excellent example for those we’ve never met, to be the light for those who can’t see the light. The KUNLUN Method can send ripples of positive energy out into the world and assist evolution.

More than ever, we want to invite you to use your tools to stay grounded, to energize yourself, and to reconnect with your source.

Primordial Alchemist is offering a complimentary online event on October 6th, at 5 pm, Pacific Time. Mugen Roshi will lead a guided practice that will harmonize the body with Earth’s field in the Schumann Resonance.

We are grateful to walk this path with you and keep these lineages alive for the benefit of all beings.

Date: Saturday October 7th
Time: 5pm PT