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KUNLUN Level 2 – Asheville, NC

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KUNLUN Level 2 – Asheville, NC

KUNLUN Level 2 Seminar Asheville, North Carolina!

The Celestial Water Path to Enlightenment…

In KUNLUN Level 2, you will build on the foundational practices by learning the intermediate techniques of this sacred system.

Through KUNLUN Level One training, the practitioner opens all of the important meridians of bioenergy. Level One practitioners use this unique energy to awaken the body, mind and spirit to a potential which accumulates in a very high frequency.

In Level 2, practitioners learn to guide this cultivated bioenergy downward throughout the body using both meditative and qi practices. Practitioners continue to build a strong foundation, while simultaneously developing deeper levels of their cultivation.

We must remember that the essence of the physical body is the essence of the mind itself. What we do above, we must also do below to balance the whole being. This balance allows the practitioner to manifest this unique energy into the world around us.

Based on the individual cultivator, the level 2 practices bring forth unique and meaningful perspectives upon one’s path.


Practices that may be covered time permitting:

  • KUNLUN Snake
  • Taoist Traveling Hands
  • Golden Flower
  • Sleep yoga
  • Tree Posture
  • 3-ones Meditation.


Must be a Patron of Primordial Alchemist and have actively practiced the KUNLUN System for a minimum of 1 year.

All practitioners must sign and complete the Primordial Alchemist AOK Privacy Waiver prior to class in order to attend.

KUNLUN Level 1 with Max & Diana Christensen

Date: October 21st 

Time: Sat. 4pm-7pm

Crowne Plaza Resort
1 Resort Drive
Asheville, NC 28806

$300 in advance
$350 at the door

To register for this event please look in your Practitioner/Cultivator path portal!