The Year of the Metal Ox

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The Year of the Metal Ox

Another  year is now upon us, the year of the metal ox. What should the inspired Kunlun practitioner focus on in the year 2021?

There are metal ox personalities, however, we will look at this sign from an alchemical, meditative practice mindset.

An attribute we must cultivate within us this year is a strong will to overcome all mental limitations. This means not to be satisfied with what you are presently doing. Acknowledge yourself for all you have done but be determined to master your mindset and chosen skill both internally and externally.

Keeping promises to yourself and others is a sign of a strong will to do anything the mind sets itself to do. It is essential this year not to be lazy or make excuses on the path we are mastering.

Your mindset should always be centered and peaceful while treading the path. Stay aware and observe each step of your walk of awakening. Do not waste time on things that will not support your desired outcome.

Patience and a strong sense of humor will help us through times when we feel there is not as much movement as we would like. Remember to trust in the path in each moment within the clear light heart of non-polarity.

This year is a favorable time to advance in all your endeavors, both mundane and spiritual. For the practitioner, this is a perfect time to open the secret gates from within. Let us also not forget all the beautiful outer opportunities that can arise because you have connected micro and macrocosms.

This mindset will guide you to manifesting excellent opportunities, even if sometimes outwardly in the world it may not seem so. Surround yourself with only positive goals and dreams. Make a dream board, put it on your wall, and meditate on it to remind yourself daily of your focus and intent.

Do not watch the news or meditate on worldly affairs. Remember that outer change must first manifest from within; this is the “law of the one.”

Let us all look forward to using our positive, clear mind and intent to create a better world for ourselves and those around us by our cultivations.

We are so grateful to walk this path with you.
Mugen Roshi & Dao Shi

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