Self Mastery

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Self Mastery

Ask yourself this question, what is the importance of self-mastery to you in both the mundane and spiritual worlds.

Whatever path you have chosen to travel, it is important to have the proper physical and mental focus towards this goal that all beings eventually must travel.

One cannot perfect themself unless one commits fully to any goal in life. The mind and consciousness, meaning the mind of polarity and clear light mind of non-polarity, must be unified as one. The ego of attachment and grasping must be dissolved.

If you have a goal, there should not be an “if, and, but or maybe” state of mind instead of using the positive, virtuous mind of “do” or “do not.”

It is important to see the end result of the goal and not thinking when or how I should attain the desired goal, be it awakening or happy mundane life.

Self-mastery removes the “inherited” or self-limited thoughts to bring the result you seek in the shortest possible time.  You will realize it does not have to be such a personal battle for this state to occur.

The Experience of Self-Mastery

When you attain the level of self-mastery, the world will be looked upon differently. This reflection means you will feel and experience what the illusions are that have been self-created or inherited from generations before you. We inherit mind and belief system that are not our own. 

When a person on the true path walks this journey, there are many tests one has to experience directly. You will overcome those tests because it’s the fears, doubts, negative mindsets, and five elements within you that must come back into balance with the Tao.

This path can suddenly or slowly reveal our own true nature allowing us to experience our true state while in this physical body. When this occurs, our practices reveal their hidden root or essence within our mind and body. In this moment some form of illumination occurs.

Remember, even if you have these experiences of a perfect mind, it will come and go. We must continue to “live” our cultivation and not just practice here or there.

Living Your Art – Not Just Practicing Your Art

Practice is why comprehending the heart sutra helps us on this special road leading to our hidden truths.

I like this saying that might explain the illumination and importance of self- mastery.

Tea, in the beginning, is just tea, but when mastered, the tea becomes the heavenly jade elixir. Then after this illumination, we will experience tea as just tea.

Max Christensen

This may help you also understand that you should see and treat the spiritual aspect of your life as a mundane yet natural way of living in self-mastery. Reflect also on seeing the everyday mundane world as a profoundly spiritual experience, thereby starting our monkey mind’s dissolving process.

Why do this, you may ask?

Combining the mental polarity of separation and bringing forth the opposites into non-duality also does the same thing to the energetic channels within our illuminated dragon body.

When we either go from mental awareness first by developing the non-polarity vision, the body will collapse the polarity channels. If we do this awareness training through the physical level first, it will affect the mental state, “as above, so below.”

Here you have our basic principles that will lead you towards the path of self-mastery. Remember, each tradition has different means based on the goals they seek to perfect within themself.  Step up to the task towards self-awakening and perfection with a smile and a laugh. Self-mastery is important but does not need to be rigid.

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