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Heart Sutra

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Heart Sutra

This ancient sutra is essential to learn and understand in regards to the higher mind training. When a practitioner has perfected opening their energy channels and has developed their mind of non-polarity, this is the special moment to recite and understand the deep meaning of this sutra.

When one understands that the brain dreams our reality from moment to moment and understands this process through personal experience and practice, it is time to add this sutra to your mind-training.

There are many translations to this practice based on language, but the heart-mind connection is the key to becoming that authentic form and essence that you were in the “time before time.”

Mugen Roshi will explain the heart sutra through alchemical interpretation in a simple way of understanding.

There are many ways that masters from various traditions teach this sacred sutra, each with their flavor and in their own unique way.

There will be the “outer and inner ways” of doing the heart sutra using the mind, KUNLUN Energy, and combining both. 



Language: English
Date: Sunday February 28th 
Time: 10am – 1pm  Pacific
Cost: $300 (10% off for Mercury Members)