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Fundraiser, Toli Class & Auction

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Fundraiser, Toli Class & Auction

We have a very rare opportunity to share! On Saturday Feb 20th, we will hold a fundraiser for Primordial Alchemist Education including a class on tolis and an auction of 22 tolis that have been empowered by Mugen Roshi and Dao Shi.

Proceeds for this event will support the construction of a traditional Mongolian Yurt for teaching and sacred ceremony!

In this class we will describe how the Mongolian Shaman uses the sacred mirror. The toli is the most important ongon of our tradition next to the drum.

We will discuss how and why we use and wear the shaman’s mirror and the many purposes it can be used for.

All mongolian ceremonies are always done with a toli being worn. Different sizes are used for different purposes. For example, bigger toil mirrors are used in the house for protection.

Healing with the mirror, fire making, blessing and removing obstacles are but a few of the uses of the toli mirror.

Each toli mirror can be imbued with spirit energy and life force through specific shamanic ceremonies to give it life and purpose.

Old toli mirrors passed down through generations have many shamanic spirits or ancestors and new mirrors have to be empowered in order to come alive.

The 22 toli’s in this auction have gone through a nine empowerment and are ready for its new owner to work together through intent and ceremony. Mugen Roshi will give a description of each toli.

The starting bid for each toli is $300.

You can preview the toli’s here:

Much Love and Gratitude

  • Language: English with Japanese Translation
  • Date: Saturday February 20th 
  • Time: 2pm  Pacific
  • Cost: $100 – We invite attendees who feel called to submit additional donations for this effort through PayPal.