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Self Mastery 2 Day Event

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Self Mastery 2 Day Event

Welcome to our 2-day event!

This two day event can be taken as a 2 day class or as a retreat depending on what you have time for. We have designed a layout for you that you will receive upon registration where you can pick and chose how you want your two days to go.  Creating your own custom weekend.  

Develop self-mastery through the subtle awareness of the heart-mind connection. These practices are an essential part of awakening, as told by past masters who understood this simple secret.

This 2 Day intensive workshop works in connection with the Heart Sutra to overcome your limitations and limiting beliefs.

Reciting sacred mantras like the Heart Sutra is an age-old means of penetrating the great mysteries within yourself. As you continue with this way of daily meditation, it will awaken your mind secrets.

Golden Buddha Meditations used with the Heart Sutra are unified into one simple practice, which will connect with the purified energy channels resulting in a subtle awakening of body, mind, and spirit.

Great spiritual masters of the past understood the importance of personal practice, and through continued meditation on their cultivation methods, illumination of the mind would appear.

Golden Buddha light meditation

A form of point gazing

This Buddhist form of meditation will teach you how to use light outside yourself to awaken the clear light of the middle dantian through the katika channel.

You can use the golden light meditation with a mantra to manifest the subtle awakening of the clear light when the heart sutra is mentally recited at the same time. Each practice taught amplifies the effects of the other.

This way of cultivation is perfect for the silent retreat of three, six, or nine days when done in stillness sitting at home or in the forest.

9 Breath of the Golden Buddha

This Tibetan purification practice is essential in cleansing and clearing the three main energy channels used in the Tibetan yogic tradition. Its primary purpose is to clear the channels of mind pollution created by the mundane mind of polarity.

Visualization and mental focus, and posture will be taught so that we as cultivators can use the clear light and the clear heart-mind when reciting a mantra or any other method in which clear energy channels.

There are variations of the 9-breath method based on tradition and teachers, but the end result is the same. We will use our specific style of practice to assist us in quickly getting the desired results.

The 9-breaths of the golden buddha are used to enhance the Heart Sutra mantra’s effectiveness and amplify any other Buddhist cultivation that you may be doing.


Mindfulness training on the art of forgiving and accepting.

Date: April 17th & 18th

Time: 10am-5:30pm PST,  w/lunch break – Zoom Room will open at 10am with Ijong training, class begins at 11am

Cost: $600