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Air Level 1: Snake Dance – Mongolian Ceremonial Event

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Air Level 1: Snake Dance – Mongolian Ceremonial Event

Air Level 1: Snake Dance – In Person Mongolian Ceremonial Event

Mongolian Ceremonial events allow the practitioner to experience traditional ceremonies and connect to the elements. Mongolian Ceremony helps to release blockages and clear obstacles on your path.

This traditional trance snake dance is used to access the spiritual world through snake breathing and body movement. It stimulates the wind and fire elements of the body, creating rising heat. This opens the door to the spirit after purification occurs.

Snake dance was traditionally used to develop healing ability and to connect with the ancestors through vigorous movement and breathing.

This two day event offers the incredibly rare opportunity to experience Sacred Mongolian Ceremony in person with Dao Shi and Mugen Roshi.

*Mongolian Ceremonies are experiential events for the practitioner’s personal path. These events do not teach you how to do ceremonies or how to become a Shaman. Taking part in a Mongolian Ceremony Event does not make you a Shaman.

What to bring: Hat, backpack, water bottle, snacks, and a small pouch of tobacco for the offering.
Date: September 16th-17th, 2023
Location: TBA
Prerequisite: To attend a live Mongolian Ceremonial Event, one must be a Patron of Primordial Alchemist

*Space is limited to 12 participants. Registration information can be found in the Patron Portals.

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