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Phurba 1

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Phurba 1

Amid Nepal, in sacred shamanic traditions and Tibetan Buddhism, there was a special dagger that removed obstacles upon the path towards spiritual freedom. This ancient three-sided dagger represents the many levels of understanding: outer, inner and secret ways of usage.

All the greatest Lamas of Tibet, including Guru Rinpoche, practiced the Phurba. It is essential for realization.

By practicing the traditional essence of Santic Phurba in the KUNLUN Method, a cultivator can change her/his timeline to move faster towards their ultimate goal of awakening.

In this class we will discuss simple ways to use this sacred dagger in both shamanic and Tibetan Traditions. The methods learned will allow you to connect directly to the phurba through utilizing your KUNLUN Energy, empower the phurba, and bring its spirit out into the world.

Date: Sunday March 6th, 2022
Time: 10 AM -1PM PT

Prerequisite: 6 years of KUNLUN System practice or pre-existing Mercury Member

Registration: To maintain the purity of our sacred artform, all practitioner’s who wish to attend a live class must sign the updated 2022 AOK Privacy Waiver.  

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