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Kunlun Level 2A – Online

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Kunlun Level 2A – Online

In Kunlun Level 2 you will build on the beginning foundational practices by learning the intermediate techniques of this sacred system. Based on the individual cultivator, the level 2 practices bring forth unique and meaningful perspectives upon one’s path.

What is the primary purpose of the level two training?

Through Level One training, the practitioner has opened all of the important meridians of bioenergy. Level One practitioners use this unique energy to awaken the body, mind and spirit to a potential which accumulates in a very high frequency.

In Level 2, practitioners learn to guide this cultivated bioenergy downward throughout the body using both meditative and qi practices.

We must remember that the essence of the physical body is the essence of the mind itself. What we do above, we must also do below to balance the whole being. This balance allows the practitioner to manifest this unique energy into the world around us.

Level 2 is offered in 2 segments: 2A online & 2B in person.

These individual courses guide the practitioner in how to continue building a strong foundation, while simultaneously developing deeper levels of their cultivation. This extended training allows for more time to practice as well as more sacred instruction.

Every class is unique and taught to the needs of the specific group.

Level 2A: Tree Posture, Moving 5-elements, Penetrating Stance
Prerequisite: at least 6 months of practicing Kunlun Level 1

Date: Sunday November 21st
Time: 10am-1pm PT
Cost: $300

*Immortal’s Cavern Mercury Members receive a $100 Discount*