Red Phoenix
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Red Phoenix 2 & 3 Online

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Red Phoenix 2 & 3 Online

A sacred practice once hidden in the Temples of the Far East, Red Phoenix was passed down from Temple Master to only one student once every 100 years…

Red Phoenix Level 1 activates a concentrated form of magnetic energy in the brain through cultivation and opening the flow of specific channels.

In Level 2, the Red Phoenix practice takes the concentrated magnetic energy of Level 1 and uses this energy to activate the neural cells found within the lower dantian, your second brain.

After the body saturates each cell with this magnetic field, Red Phoenix Level 3 method expands the concentrated field into the Wei Chi. The cultivation of this highly concentrated magnetic energy will then be used to further activate dormant body and mind potentials.

Once mastering RP Method 1-3, the practitioner would advance to master the last few levels to attain the Red Phoenix body manifestation.

Date: May 20th, 2023

Time: 5pm- 8pm PT

Location: Zoom

Pre-Requisite: One must have actively practiced Red Phoenix Level 1 for a minimum of 6 months to attend this online event. Higher Levels of this practice will have no manifestation without regular practice of Level 1 and the transmission from a GDB Master.

*This event is exclusively available to Patrons of Primordial Alchemist.