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Kidney Regeneration

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Kidney Regeneration

In all spiritual traditions, any practitioner who does high-level energy cultivation knows the kidneys’ great importance.

Kidney energy is directly correlated to the Water Element. They are the key to Life Force Essence and are the basis for health, preservation, and regeneration. Our kidneys can weaken with age, chronic stress, fear, excessive emotion, and isolation. Keeping our kidneys strong and balanced is a vital element in spiritual cultivation as well as a long and healthy life.

In our particular tradition, based on the season, there are specific methods to keep the kidneys at full strength, especially. If one is doing a long sitting retreat, that can put stress on this vital organ.

In this class, we will discuss the do’s and don’ts of specific methods to ensure our kidneys are in excellent condition, which in turn fuels the body, brain, and nervous system to aid us towards our spiritual goal. The methods to be explained will go over age, season, massage, and various meditative ways to protect and revitalize our power supply within our body.

Let us begin to explore the path of self-regeneration through traditional methods that will change both the internal and external world on the path inwards toward the Tao, the great mystery.

Date: Saturday April 1st
Time: 5pm-8pm PT
Location: Zoom
Donation Fee: $300