Year of the Rabbit

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Year of the Rabbit

Hello and greetings to all. It is the Year of the Water Rabbit. In this year we who cultivate the Tao, the great and ultimate mystery, should motivate ourselves to fully immerse our body, mind and spirit towards our own ultimate goal of self awakening and self enlightenment.

Our mind should flow effortlessly with the true heart, the essence of bliss hidden within the jewel within our middle dantien.

Embrace the effortless-effort mindset without forcing something to happen or grasp for something to attain because all things are open within you by surrendering to the great mystery and the self-discovery of the great treasure waiting to ignite within yourself.

Allow your mind to become free of the bondage of others thoughts and belief systems and truly see the uniqueness of your own heart mind, the immortal self sleeping under the common mind of polarity.

Your qi should flow with softness held within firmness just like the water element. This in turn allows the blood to flow with equal attributes feeding the organs with fresh, enlivened, qi rich blood.

If we follow the natural laws of Tao in this matter, our body and mind responds with positive strength, virtue and happiness regardless of the outer worlds current situations.

We hope you have a blissful new year and may your cultivation bring all those things you truly with for.

Mugen Roshi & Dao Shi