Fire and Water and Mixing Spiritual Systems

Mixing Spiritual Systems

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Mixing Spiritual Systems

As practitioners and cultivators, it is important to understand Fire and Water within our Taoist KUNLUN Tradition. And why we avoid mixing spiritual systems.

Many new-age concepts and schools mix systems of awakening. They do not realize the damage that can occur from this. The mixing of different energetic principles incorrectly, like fire and water, can create a destructive result.

Learning from books (not written in the traditional settings) and/or taking a weekend workshop is not sufficient to teach these methods. Teaching without a deep understanding, proper training and experience can damage all involved.

Mixing Fire and Water

If you are learning a traditional system of truth, there is a balanced approach to using fire and water. These energetic principals are also known as the “Kan and Li” essence. There should be actual manifestations, both mentally and physically, and a balanced outlook of the inner and outer aspects of daily life.

People experiment with unknown alchemy that combines aspects from outside systems not within their chosen path of awakening. They hope to further their development or sometimes seek Siddhis or spiritual powers for the wrong purpose. This mixing of spiritual systems creates many issues.

Many people have no access to a formal or traditional teacher. They learn from various books/videos and mix systems without understanding the deeper alchemy. The seasons, age, qi flow directions, diet, and proper mindsets in approaching the spiritual path all have great impact on our methods.

Improper practicing in this way and mixing spiritual systems leads to psychosis, damaging meridians, organ damage, mental instability, inflated egos, etc.

The KUNLUN System – the water path

“This path is uniquely and profoundly water, the downward flow of Heavenly Way. It is extremely important not to mix the KUNLUN System and KUNLUN Method with practices related to the fire path traditions. Avoid combining with forceful methods. Such as kundalini, which is a fiery, upward path of energy flow — with the downward flow and water way. Look at it this way. If there are two trains on the same track coming from opposite directions, it will lead to a crash. You want to avoid this. 

If you are a fire path practitioner and you wish to try the KUNLUN System practices, then I advise you to discontinue the fire practices for three months. Give yourself this time to fully experience the path of the water way. At the end of this three month period, you will need to make a decision about which path is correct for you. I do not recommend combining these opposite paths and flows of energy. If you are uncertain about a specific practice, then simply avoid doing it. 

I call the KUNLUN System the path of no more learning for a very good reason. Which you will discover and understand as you progress through the different levels of your own divine awakening.” ~ The KUNLUN System Book Page 45 

In the KUNLUN System, the the practices prepare the body, mind, and spirit for the natural arising of the fire. Another way of saying this is:

“When the rains from above fall gently upon the fire of the lower caldron, the purified steam arises, giving the slow-burning fire a chance to refine our being further.”

Choosing Longevity

Those who put fire paths above the cooling water of longevity will find it will become a destructive, illusionary form of awakening. Water and fire must always balance each other equally.

We ask you to reflect on and look at your chosen path. Observe what you practice each day. Make sure that these two essential elements are in harmony within you.