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Snake Kung Fu

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Snake Kung Fu

Snake Kung Fu

Snake style kung fu is a soft, internal martial arts form stressing qi projection into acupuncture points and for making the qi flow smoothly through the body.

Slow tai chi like movements are stressed in order to rid oneself of stress and tensions deep within your body, mind and spirit.

The snake system looks simple in movement but requires one-pointed focus to master  the intricacies of this unique internal system.

Breath control, focusing of the mind and relaxation is the key to understanding this art  with a main focus on long life and vitality, not martial arts.

All ages of people may practice this art and its meditations and breath control.

The snake system is rarely seen in the western world. If your interest is alchemy, the snake will reveal its hidden treasures to you.

Date: Sunday July 16, 2023
Time: 11am-2pm PT
Location: Zoom
Prerequisite: Patron of Primordial Alchemist

*This event is exclusively available to Patrons of Primordial Alchemist.