Happy New Year 2017

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Happy New Year 2017

It’s fire rooster year, the time to evolve your mind and spirit to a new level of self-perfection through non-attachment. 

This year, let us master the various elements of our awakened minds and shift ourselves into new un-discovered realms.

In doing this, we have non-attachment to the dramas of our world. Let us realize that we are the beginning, middle, and completion of our paths here on Earth.

Build the excitement within ourselves, knowing that at any moment, our true selves will be knocking on the door and allowing us to step within, to experience the true you.

The path is who we are to become; it is a road less traveled by others within the world’s dramas; remeber non-attachment so free yourself of these burdens and attain the quickening.
So, let us walk together and explore these hidden realms of self-awareness now.

Be well, Max

To get further instructions on what practices are best for you this year, 2017, meet us on the Whispering Teapot. Max is a Master of the KUNLUN System and the only one who can refine your practices. 

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