KUNLUN System Do’s and Don’ts

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KUNLUN System Do’s and Don’ts

*Please Read DISCLAIMER before reading further*

I feel it is an important subject that will help clarify the KUNLUN System on the thing not to do. The don’ts.

Not for people 18 and under:
I never teach people under 18 years of age except in certain rare situations, and I have told all my students NOT to teach anyone under this age, even their children.

The reason is simple: When children are young, they need to concentrate on school while trying to fit into the “normal” world and its expectations.

Our children have to grow and learn about the “outer” world, and for most people, this is a task unto itself.

They also have to learn about their emotion, and we all know emotion run high onto our teenage years as one tires to find themself in this world. I am sure most of us have cried into our pillow at night from our pears. Mindfulness, meditation, compassion practices, one-breath, 5-elements, Thi chi, are best to teach our children, creating a solid foundation.

Another problem young people could face is when they start to experience things outside of what ordinary people never experience or even hear. This young person now becomes ungrounded, not knowing which world to trust. The two worlds clash together, the world of spirit and matter. And if peers or parents do not know how to help, then what. The best way to assist your child as a parent master the practice first. Then when it is time, you will have a better understanding of what your now-young adult is going through to assist them in the best possible way.

Don’t mix Kundalini or other Fire Path:
For those who practice various fire path forms of yoga, a “don’t” method is Bikram (hot) yoga, bhastrika methods, multiple forms of Kundalini, and fire path Taoism.

The reason is that with KUNLUN System, we are practicing the “Water path” or downward flow through the spine, while other methods are the upward or “fire” path. The KUNLUN System is gentle, peaceful, without using force. The fire path is more aggressive, using the upward flow through alternate nostril breathing, fire breathing, and other fire-based practices.

What type of yoga can I do?
Now kriya yoga and White Tantric Kundalini that uses mantras are also acceptable. Both will work fine with KUNlUN System, as long as the practices are separated by at least four hours.

Other Method:
Emptiness methods, laughing methods, mantras, other Taoist methods like five elements, pole standing, and Chinese martial arts can also complement this art.

Don’t do Alcohol & Drugs:
Another important “don’t” is using illegal drugs and alcohol with our methods. It is a foolish thing to do as these substances do not mix well with the KUNLUN System. Such chemicals are not beneficial to your health or to your practices as you want a clear mind during awakening.

Furthermore, the high or relaxation you experience while on drugs or alcohol comes at a price. The mingmen, also known as the gate of life, closes, and your life force diminishes. So keep clear-minded, and the inner light will also become clear and bright.

Don’t do with blood cancer:
Cancer is another subject I would like to address. Cancer in our tradition reflects the inability to decide one’s path. I would not suggest doing the KUNLUN System if you have blood cancer since the qi and the blood flow could increase its growth speed within the body.

Brain cancer: it is said it is good to keep the brain’s energy higher than usual. Red phoenix and laughter qi gung since laughing is a good way of curing oneself; laugh at least three times a day.

Individuals with bipolar disorder should not do the KUNLUN System because they need grounding in the outer world. The KUNLUN System brings out deep-rooted emotions. If the emotions are already unstable, this can have a devastating effect—another reason not to teach under 18.

The only practices out of the KUNLUN System that one can do if they have bipolar are the one-breath, and the five elements would balance the five emotions and the organs.

For depression, you must see the world in a non-attached state to those that make you depressed, connect with nature and the things that make you happy, and adopt a less stressful life. (I am not a Doctor, and I am only sharing with you what I have learned through my life experiences).