KUNLUN System Basics

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KUNLUN System Basics

I will explain a little bit about the basic of level one of the KUNLUN System.

How long should I practice for? What should I listen to?  Why do I feel hot or cold? Why is the body shaking?

Well, let us start with the  the KUNLUN System basic for those learning from the book. I stress “the basic” because they are essential, and practicing the simple methods is the best way to develop strong roots.

I suggest playing a music C.D. that lasts one hour to use as a timer for your practice. Kitaro is excellent music to listen to during a KUNLUN Method.

You do not want to listen to hard rock, death metal, country, rap or music with lyrics that are full of emotion.

In the beginning, the body shakes, which indicates purification of the channels and the internal organs. Eventually, the movement will subside and may even stop as the channels are opened.

There is no outside force moving you. Only your higher mind and body working as one for purification.

You may also feel the heat and cold; This means that the channels are being rewired, and in a sense, becoming more conductive to electrical and magnetic energy flows.

I have been asked by people why we practice on an animal skin or rubber mat. (The traditional method was to use deerskin or a piece of large leather, but a rubber mat will also be fine, but not as good as a natural skin.)

The answer to this question is that all yogic traditions used the leather for insulation purposes.

If you touch the bare ground while practicing, the qi can leak from the lower areas of the body, thereby draining the kidney qi.

Also the animal skin acts like an energetic barrier keeping the qi from leaking into the ground.

The leather prevents the magnetic potential generated by the practice from penetrating into the earth.

Walking barefoot on the ground is good for your health and grounding when you are not practicing.

Outside practices: Don’t practice in a windy area (disperses your chi), around a large body of water (greater takes from the lesser) or direct sunlight (over heat).

These are important and wise rules to follow.

Practicing outside, under the shade of a large evergreen tree works best, as it acts like an energetic filter.

I highly recommend the six months to a year of practicing the KUNLUN System level one because it can take up to six months to cultivate and refine the practice before advancing to the next level.

The six months are intended to help you prepare the body and mind for higher energetic flow levels and awakening.

This period gives your body the time it needs to accumulate and adjust to the new energy, which is necessary to move onto the level two practices.

Consider this timeline as a safety measure that is important to follow, especially without me being present to evaluate your progress.

Remember, the book was made to assist people who don’t have access to me.

When practicing, always use your judgment, but what we do not do is practice for ten minutes, “think” we are ready and jump to level two.  Stay with the KUNUN System basic they are here to assist you.

The higher the tree the deeper the roots must be.  The longer you practice level one the further you will go.