A Taoist in Modern Times

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A Taoist in Modern Times

How to live as a Traditional Taoist in the modern times. As Taoist practitioners, we strive to maintain and uphold our chosen traditions. However, the demands of the modern world, both internally and externally, can challenge us daily. During extreme challenges, many people give up the path because of not seeing immediate results.

Take heart. We are not alone on this path.

As we move towards our full awakening, we must learn to walk in balance according to the rules of nature. We can look to those who came before us, like our teachers, who have lived and walked this path for a long time.

Through their personal experience traveling the life of a Taoist, they can, by practical experience, help you. Sometimes you may feel as though you can go no further or “hit a wall,” so to speak. This is natural.

But what can you do during these times? And what would be a few simple suggestions to make the path smoother?

Making a Smoother Path

Firstly, live your life according to the ebb and flow of nature. Trust that all will be as it should. Make sure you live in a positive mindset, heartfelt and compassionate on your journey toward remembering.

Secondly, make sure to have proper spiritual methods with a lineage that brings you joy but also brings up your dark side to witness. When this happens, take responsibility for your actions (and not point the blame toward others) so you can remove it.

You see, the world is full of this kind of habitual programming, and yes, it takes real and honest effort to change one’s self and one’s view of the world. It requires taking constant inventory and self-observation, but with time, we can change these habits by simply practicing proper living, respecting others, being in and honoring nature, and simply walking the royal path humbly. Living by example and deed in positive virtue, as the ancient teachers did, cannot be overstressed and will insure that your path to Spirit will become less of a struggle. ~ Page 18 The KUNLUN System

Thirdly, surround yourself with things that guide you in a positive direction while removing distractions and any items that move you away from the path. This is where non-grasping and non-attachment have importance.

Fourthly, make sure to have the correct type of diet for your body. Everyone’s body is different and needs different substances to sustain it. Following nature’s variety and making sure the food is sourced from companies that care for the earth and use regenerative organic farming.

The Power of Simplicity

Keep the path simple during these complex times. You will see results from the mind’s choices made in a positive state, and your journey towards the heart of the great mystery will unfold. I leave you with a short story with one of my Taoist teachers.

One day my Taoist teacher asked me, “What is enlightenment to you?” My response included something to the effect of, “It is something, if true, that could only be laughed about, much like what the Tibetan tradition calls crazy wisdom, or entering the realm of the great mystery known as Tao.” My teacher replied, “First you must become aware that there is a path to follow, then later you will become awake knowing that the path is within you, lastly an enlightened person would never say he or she is enlightened because the true Tao cannot be explained, only directly experienced from within or laughed about.” I was also given a stern warning, which has proven to be a valuable lesson: “The wise man always walks with his head bowed in humbleness.” I was then asked by my teacher to state the form of enlightenment I had been seeking. I replied that I wished to become illuminated from within, much like the Tibetan rainbow body, or as the Taoists call it, the indestructible diamond body. With this goal in mind, and with the cooperation and help of all my teachers through the years, I discovered my purpose and passion, and in time, the KUNLUN System was born. ~ Page 10 The KUNLUN System