Alchemy for a Human Being

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Alchemy for a Human Being

As a spirit coming into physical life, our human body’s creation is an alchemical process where we have used our pure, clear mind and energy body to densify into the physical matter by spiritual alchemy.

As we grow and develop ourselves through worldly experiences, our mind brings it into polarity, densifying the body into lower vibrations.

In this process, we forget our original nature of being a pure or clear mind essence with a body composed of pure radiance and vibrating at a very high rate.

Through many lifetimes, we forget more and more of our original nature. Until a sacred time within our life journey, spiritual hunger for this truth awakens.

The Path of Alchemy

Eventually, we have an indescribable urge to seek out such knowledge. We discover who and what we originally were before physical birth after the death of the body. We use outer, inner, or secret means to gain entrance into the “great mystery.”

The difficulty lies in attaining the alchemical knowledge necessary to reverse the polarity of mind and body back to the pre-birth essence of our original nature of being. As explorers of alchemy, we find the world is flooded with alchemical means, books, and historical documents. Here lies the confusion of what is authentic teachings and what is not.

When we change the essence of the mind, the result is reflected in the body’s essence. After all, there is only “mind” and nothing else. What this means is that everything is a hologram generated by the mind to understand itself.

The true path is self-discovery through alchemy, going from “inside-out” or going from “outside-in.” Understanding the concept of “lead into mercury” is essential in spiritual alchemy. It is especially important to remember that “mercury,” our internal essence, is the catalyst to change this lead into gold.

Never Just Follow

Before I close this chapter, I want to make one final recommendation to you, my friend, and that is to never just follow.

Never give away your inner power or your authority to another. In Taoist thought, many of my teachers understood and
taught that only nature should be in between you and Source. Once you have received a true teaching from a trusted teacher and Spirit has given you the proper method best suited for your path of inner truth and awakening, you should practice with the support of nature itself.

This day and age it is very difficult to find a true teaching that will work for everyone. Part of being a human being is to live the journey and to walk the path of the ancients. Traveling here and there in search of masters, getting dismayed with or even being rejected by them and finally giving up the search altogether is a normal expression of self-purification within and for yourself.

When you finally surrender the ego self and stop grasping for the truth, the true teachings that are meant for you will finally appear to you. When the truth appears, trust in Spirit because you have proven yourself as one who has asked honestly to be shown a true path back to your knowing, where you will play and practice with a childlike curiosity.

You must trust that all you need will be provided to you with ease, without effort or grasping. This is the path of doing without doing. When you open yourself and become self-sustaining from within, the outer universe will follow suit. This is the law of manifestation. Simply let go and practice the arts with a playful, childlike nature and you are sure to succeed.

~page 95 The Kunlun System