Year of the Water Tiger

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Year of the Water Tiger

Another year is upon us for those walking the path. It is the year of the water tiger. A year of developing balance, determination and strength of mind.

Our tiger mind allows us to enter into un-known territory. As cultivators, we progress and move more deeply into the essence of who and what we truly are, and be-coming.

Courage & Focus

The tiger mind allows us the courage and focus to seek the hidden treasures within us as we walk into the forest of our subconscious fears and self-set limitations.

As we have these direct mind experiences, the essence of our tiger mind and heart allows us to face adversity, limitations and fears without having someone “hold our hand.”

The water aspect of our tiger is to catch these things yet to be learned. Instead of tearing it out or changing those things by force, we as the tiger spirit will use a non-forceful instinct. We remain aware not to blame others for lessons we need to experience as human beings.

You can look at this as a union of opposing strengths working in balance to find a solution to what we are learning or un-learning. Remember it’s also a balance of yin and yang forces, hard leading soft and soft balancing hard.


Other systems have different approaches, but all systems have in common the balance of mind. This balance harmonizes the various qi forms within ourselves, which then affects the body and environment.

Tiger also develops one pointed focus as we approach our life test with determination and without fear to quickly move forward to self success.

Remember the water is life. Even the tiger needs to drink water to sustain balance. The water of the kidneys unite with the tiger spirit of our hearts making us strong if we feel there is no strength.

Be as the tiger. Walk with strength. Talk with strength.

You will become more powerful practitioners on our Kunlun journey.


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