KUNLUN Alchemy

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KUNLUN Alchemy

The Way of the Water Path

The spiritual alchemy of the water path is revealed through internal cultivation using both the Qi and non-polarity mind. In this process, the dense matter of the body is transformed. The ancients called the result the “Wu” emanation, the “Red Phoenix” body, the “Diamond” body or the “Golden Dragon” body. This is the meaning of alchemy in the water path.

Within this system, sacred and hidden methods of mind and breath processes connect the practitioner with the mind of “clear” light of non-polarity. Through cultivation, the dormant potentials of body and mind are activated, and the original, primordial nature can be re-discovered. The end result is similar to the returnable rainbow body of Tibet.

There are many forms and levels of spiritual enlightenment depending on the lineage. However, The KUNLUN System, the way of the water path, is known as the path of no more learning.

Alchemy & Purification

In the process of spiritual awakening, the alchemist first purifies the mind of obstruction. This process opens important channels of energy in very specific directions within the concepts of the five elements and four seasons.

Combined with the methods, the human glands are the alchemical elixir sources used by the KUNLUN Cultivator. As the glands are restored and purified, they empower the body and awaken the true essence and dormant potentials hidden within each human being.

Your human body is a miracle of the universe, with the great mysteries housed within it. You are the universe. You are the essence of living light, slowed down into the physical manifestation of frozen light. When we do our practices, we are speeding ourselves back up into the sacred vibration of truth, even beyond the speed of light, and in the process, remembering who and what we truly are and what we came here to do. Page 35 – The Kunlun System

The spiritual alchemist of the KUNLUN Alchemy uses the concept of “water and fire.” When these elements merge, they create a “steaming” effect within the body and mind. The result purifies the alchemist, removing anything that would hinder the process of awakening in body, mind, and spirit.

All forms of spiritual awakening in the world use some form of alchemy in the search for self-knowledge of both the seen and unseen worlds.

On the path, many manifestations and signs of spiritual purification may occur. This is only natural. Remember, the key is not to be attached to them. Simply surrender your mind and embrace and play with the mysteries of Tao.

Water Path or Fire Path

One of the most important things to avoid is combining the KUNLUN Method and System with any forceful, fire-based practices. This includes kundalini or any other fire-focused methods.

The KUNLUN System, the path of the water way, is a complete system of its own.

The downward flow of the water path has a different effect on the body from the fire path practices that cultivate the upward flow of energy. The upward flow of fire originates in the perineum or hui-yin and impar ganglia, representing the flow of Earth upward toward Heaven.

The downward flow of water originates in the heart and cardiac ganglia or plexus and represents the essence of Heavenly Way, the Word, or the Tao. The beauty of man’s desire is the ability to merge Heaven and Earth. KUNLUN Alchemy brings water and fire together, respectively.

Regardless of the lineage you choose, commit to completing your path and enjoy discovering the hidden truths and wonders in and around you.

KUNLUN Energy & Spiritual Alchemy

The KUNLUN Force, which we experience through our sacred training, is the very substance of the plasma of life. It is found within every particle in the universe. KULUN Energy permeates the seen and unseen realities both in the physical plane and mind-generated planes that exist.

All things are composed of the cosmic dust of creation but we usually only notice the physical manifestation in daily life. If we stop and observe the world from our clear-light mind, we may realize that all things are vibrating at different wavelengths. By this simple observation, we may soon understand the tao, the great mystery. In this way, the object observed reveals how it connects with all things creating a whole living being and the great ultimate mind.

KUNLUN Alchemy follows the true essence of nature both here on our earth and in the heavens above. These seen and unseen realities are waiting to be discovered by you, the inspired alchemist.

Walking the Water Path

It is my desire to simply reveal that the true elixir of awakening must come from both the energy of Tao and the merging of the childlike nature of one’s own heart. The simple methods within the KUNLUN System book will help you to begin to awaken yourself naturally, without force and without using your seeking mind. Spiritual alchemy is realized through the action of the downward or water path system of self-surrender. This is the essence of Taoist Internal Alchemy.