Inner Reflection & Walking the Middle Path

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Inner Reflection & Walking the Middle Path

Do you realize that the emotional states we generate within ourselves have a subtle effect on both the body’s inner workings and the movements of the outer world? The spiritual alchemy we cultivate is directly connected to our minds and our ability to walk the middle path.

Emotions create mind energy capable of directly influencing the outcomes of physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

The mind is the most powerful tool we all possess. This powerful essence can change our destiny, influence how we relate, and attract things outside of ourselves.

Positive emotions allow us to achieve unlimited potential when combined with the KUNLUN energy. This potential leads to positive manifestations within our life.

Negative emotions tend to attract those things both internally and externally that are not what we wish. Still, the so-called negative emotions provide paths to learn. The Three Treasures of Taoism serve us well on this journey.

Transforming Mind Experiences

As I always say, when revealed, the so-called negative mind experiences can change into positive experiences. We learn from them instead of acting them out. This is spiritual alchemy; the transformation of the lead into gold.

Most people generally focus on the negative aspects because the happenings of the outer world directly influence our minds.

As cultivators, we use the alchemy of our pure-light heart essence to clarify our path. We choose and direct our lives in alignment with the positive goals of this human life.

There are various traditional means to accomplish this internal positive state of being. The truth is that simply slowing down before making abrupt choices, with calm thought, will support us in cultivating the middle path.

If we do not introspect about a choice to see if it is balanced and serves a positive purpose, we usually make a drastic decision. This thoughtless action may lead to an unproductive or harmful experience.

Choose well my friend. Listen and trust in your natural being in the moment, without attachment. True virtue and deep feeling, provides not only the key to nature itself, but also allows entrance to the truth hidden within ourselves. This truth can became lost due to worldly distractions.

Walking The Middle Path

The human mind is capable of so much more than the outer world tells us. The world’s mind instills many non-virtuous thoughts and actions we take as standard, and this reality passes on to future generations.

No matter what has been projected toward you, you must take responsibility for your actions. This includes not blaming, calling people names, or trying to destroy another human being. How you act in body and mind, and how you react with people around you has a subtle but profound effect on destiny.

Keeping on the “middle” path assures that your path as a human being will result in beautiful changes at all levels of your being.

Remember why you are walking this path, what you are cultivating, and your end spiritual goal.

When I recall the times I sought wisdom from my teachers from all the various traditions, the one thing that stands out most is the discovery that true enlightenment is the sense of total joy and freedom of the self, freedom from the suffering and attachments that hold us in the chains of inner darkness.

There are so many worldly distractions that can distract us from our path. This time we live in demands more of us than perhaps any other time in history.

Consider the following quote from The KUNLUN System book to help you navigate the many choices of your life and stay the middle path.

Questions to reflect on

“I would like you to reflect on the following questions from time to time. This will help you choose, with integrity, the experiences and feelings that will be created by you during your daily life and spiritual awakening. Reflect on these questions as they will help you succeed on your journey, your spiritual homecoming. 

Does this situation or object in front of me provide greater clarity and comfort on my path? Do the people I associate with support me on my path in a positive or negative manner? Why am I on the path? What are my ultimate goals and purpose in living this life and traveling on this journey? 

Questions like these, along with self-introspection and an understanding of your own motives, will keep your path free of distractions and obstructions and anything else that is draining you of your precious energy, which is needed for the great work of discovery and mastery of yourself.” ~ page 66 of The KUNLUN System Book

Purifying The Unconscious Mind 

It is part of the middle path for us to discover, acknowledge, and change the root within the unconscious mind that has caused the problems that exist within and outside of ourselves. I call this the dark night in the forest, and it is something we all must experience. This means that we have to consciously see and remedy the causes of our pain. These pains of experience have always been there within you, but forgotten in the streams of time.

Everyone on the true path must eventually face their inner self, even though they may not like what they might see or feel or experience at those moments of purification. Try looking at these thoughts and emotions as mind experiences, a picture of past experience forgotten in the desert of the mind and buried within the sands of the unconscious mind. Do not look at these expressions of self as weaknesses, as if you have flaws, inadequacies, or something that makes you seem less than another person. Remember, everyone has such experiences.

We have shared many approaches to purifying our minds towards awakening. One additional purification practice from our tradition is called the Burning Skeleton.  This transformational meditation “burns out” mental and energetic impurities that cannot be seen by the conscious mind. In the gold dragon way, the “un-seeing” mind can hold back the manifestations of our practices from coming to realization. Awakening is 98% purification.

We invite you to join us for our upcoming class to support you in purifying the mind.