Mind Mirroring

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Mind Mirroring

Mind mirroring is an experience we will all have as we are shown the aspects of ourselves which need love, attention, and healing. 

Pages 175-177 of the KUNLUN System book teach about the reflections we see and how to use them for our evolution.

“I always say to my friends that the path of awakening is not easy at times. You may find that many of the people around you will not like what you reflect during your process of change.

 A true master reflects things you may not wish to see. But remember, a master is a being who has overcome his or her own limitations. I have found this to be true, that those who teach the authentic path will cause a ripple through the minds and hearts of others, making them see the unknown. 

In fact, you may have noticed that masters who taught the true path usually faced greater hardships throughout their lives, and many people did not like what they had to teach.

 Why this occurs is that when a teacher teaches something that really works, many people will not like it because it makes them see the things that they are really hiding from. The master reveals the unknown fears of his or her heart and the lessons hidden within them. 

This way of teaching has made many students despise their teacher because they could not understand the concepts of awakening through direct experience. Once you have identified fear as an emotion that represents something not yet experienced or understood, the fear is no longer there. It simply disappears. Yes, it can be a difficult process but one that is required from time to time.

Some people can be like enemies standing in front of you. In our lives, we meet those who we like and those we do not like. Oftentimes, the people we do not like are those people who reflect things back to us that we do not want to see or experience. 

As you begin to learn from these interactions between you and these people, they will start reflecting hidden lessons that are waiting to be revealed, held deep within you. As you learn from these experiences, these people will no longer be standing in front of you reflecting what it is you need to learn or perceive. 

This occurs because you have learned the lessons from the reflective mirror of the other person through the process of recognizing the fear and the introspection of why or how it plagues you. After the lesson is learned, these people may no longer be in your life since you now understand that specific lesson, whatever it may be.

For those of you who teach and have your own students, here is something for you to consider. This story was given to me by one of my early teachers and it has always stood out in my mind. It is a foretelling scenario for one who truly teaches the path of awakening.

When you first begin to teach the new student, that new student will admire, respect, and even adore you because you have put them upon the living path. As your students progress on the path and when the time is right, they will start to open and will have to face their deepest fears and unknown lessons. 

This is where it gets tricky.
Because they must see their false truths, they will lash out towards you in anger for putting them on the path. As the negative virtues flow within them, they will start blaming the teacher for their own fears and false truths. 

They may blame the teacher for not pressing the magic button to make things better. A true master will make you see your truth, not candy coat your experience or remove it with just a wave of the hands.

 At this point, either the student separates from the teacher and the teachings or boldly and bravely faces their dark night of the soul. All beings on the true path must, eventually, go through this.

There are some who will resist going through this process, and may get to the point of resenting or even hating their teacher. The student who does not realize that the seeing of one’s own fears and unknown issues is part of the process of awakening can get doubly fearful, and in order to cover up that fear or not look at it, they can become very angry. 

Physically or emotionally covering something up to avoid its nature is ex- tremely energy consumptive and exhausting. The perpetual fear will often lead to hate in order to be played out if healing the fear is not considered an option in the initiate’s mind. 

Remember, ninety-nine percent of purification is achieved through the clearing of the mind and its energy. The teacher in this reality is the mirror of self-reflection, but the teacher, being filled with compassion, understands this and recognizes right away that this is not a personal issue.

 After a period of time, the student may come to understand where the root of the anger has come from, finally realizing that it was not the teacher after all, but the self that was responsible for the hard feelings, having this unknowing aspect that was coming up for healing. 

The teacher was simply the catalyst for the student to see, know, and feel, within themselves, the emotions and closed-off experiences that led to the feelings of fear or hatred exposing the doubt that now provides the healing from the necessary lessons well learned. 

So, in a nutshell, the lesson from my wise teacher is as follows: “First they like you, then they admire you, then they love you. Later they despise you, even wishing you were dead. Then if you are dead, they miss you, love you even more, realizing later the truth and wishing that they only knew or understood the truth while they still had you in their lives.”

Remember, a teacher is only a guide; even teachers do not stay around forever, as they have their own path to finish. If you have ever studied about the lives of the many different masters, you would know that they did not have an easy life teaching. In fact, life was often very difficult for many of them who sacrificed so much of themselves for the benefit of others.”

Practice well. You are the beginning and the end of the path!