Year of the Water Pig

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Year of the Water Pig

Greetings Spiritual Practitioners of the Ancient Ways, 

It’s the year of the Water Pig and for us comes another year of KUNLUN Exploration, a year where new things can be discovered within ourselves.

The pig for KUNLUN Practitioners represents both observing the unseen world or world of clear light through the essence of a blissful heart-mind.  The eyes of the pig do not reveal things externally but the shadows of its outer surrounding which are illusions created by the everyday mind. 

Our inner pig will tell us to have strength where we feel we have none and become one-pointed in focus on developing our truth and awakening and not allowing distractions to move us off our path.

The pig’s sense of smell is its greatest power and to us means to use the sensitivity of the heart’s eyes and nose of non-polarity to see other doors of awakening.

Last year was a difficult process for many on the true path. Inner reflection along with great external test with friends and family affected many of us including ourselves.

In this year let us embrace our health and our families just like the pig who takes care of their litter and supports each other through growth and most importantly do not ever give up. 

This year practice your focus in constant virtue within our heart-mind, face our limitations and fears without running away or giving blame towards others because these test may seem difficult at that moment.  Use a “new” mindset and say to yourself daily that “this year” I will reach my full potential and attain G.D.B.

Diana and I are looking forward to seeing you all this year.  Study the way of the pig it will reveal things hidden within all of us

Be well Max and Diana.