Year of the Metal Rat

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Year of the Metal Rat

Greetings Spiritual Practitioners of the Ancient Ways, It’s the year of the metal rat, the beginning of the Chinese zodiac cycle. 

This year is an important year for us. We have perfected the outer aspects of our system as well as perfected the energetic forms within ourselves.

In this year, we should no longer be practitioners but should strive to integrate the secret mind training thus becoming cultivators of our KUNLUN System.

This method involves a constant cleansing of our mind of dualistic impurities whenever such emotions and thoughts arise.

There are many traditional methods but for the KUNLUN Cultivator when impure emotions and thoughts arise, we must immediately remove them from our mind stream so that the outer and inner methods we have perfected will physically manifest from our mind training.

When these things arise, simply collect them in the middle dantian while they are active and vibrant and encase them within a four sided amber colored diamond. Then six inches in front of the middle dantian, create a circular door of pure white which is where you project this diamond and it’s contents. Finally, shut the door returning these unwanted things to the Tao.

Doing this whenever these impure thoughts arise will lead to the clear mind and clear light which in turn purifies all of your practices.

Our gold dragon manifests physically from mind purification not from the impure, dualistic mind, so keep up with your sacred practices and cultivate all the positive virtues.

We both look forward to another transformational year with you.

Be well,
Dao Shr and Dao Shi.