Springtime Cleaning

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Springtime Cleaning

It’s spring! The KUNLUN System, the water path, is a way of springtime cleaning. Have you dusted off the mind dross of the last year?

In this time, we wish to start springtime by letting go of any negativity of thoughts or outer experiences that we have held on to.

This new beginning allows us to introspect on our purpose for our personal journey. We need to look inside our minds and outwardly to our daily movement of our world.

Do not focus on the negativity of the global world or the illusions that currently happen. Attention to this will only distract the mind from the task of the springtime cleansing.

Reflect on how you live your life daily, outside your practicing. Ask yourself, “Am I truly living the art by cultivating in every moment? Do I see all things as a positive potential for my growth?”

As you constantly go through this mind cleaning, the spiritual stage will be set for quicker growth. This mindset will create more positive manifestations within your outer life.

Change Begins from Within

As you clean your house from within, you will change things outside. For example, you may change diets, living locations, interactions with people, jobs. The aspects of your life and your being that no longer serve your path will drop away, and new experiences and opportunities will arise to support your unique journey.

Springtime cleaning also means dusting off your inner and outer reality. Both worlds can live in harmony. Remember that all changes outside must first come from within, not the other way around.

Those who do the springtime sweeping of their life will find simplicity, peacefulness, fewer fears, and deep inner happiness for life and connection with nature.

So let us sweep the heart and mind of last year’s fears, doubts, and self-imposed obstacles and remember,

“Today is the first day of your new life and the last of the old.”

Springtime Sweep

  1. Donate to your local shelter all items in your house that you have not used in the past 2-year. This allows others to enjoy the articles that are less fortunate.

  2. Assess your diet. Does the food you eat support your wellbeing? Your body has a happy weight and will fluctuate 5lb, give or take. If the body continuously gains weight every year, one needs to re-evaluate the type of food going into the system or the amount consumed. Create a happy balance for the spirit house to evolve.

  3. A balance between spirit, work and play. Make sure enough time is spent on each and not too much of one thing. Create a schedule and stick to it.

Enjoy this new beginning!