Music & Our KUNLUN System

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Music & Our KUNLUN System

Using music for our KUNLUN System. Music is an important tool in altering the mind’s perception and inner focus during our own cultivation.

Whenever we practice, our minds need to flow into a specific state of being to support the goal of our cultivation.

There is music relating to the five elements. Music that excites and music that calms one’s mind when we are experiencing a specific element. To know which music or chants to use can be an important aspect to success within the path you walk.

Practice Music

KUNLUN Practice music should be an exciting and moving sound flavor to lighten the heavy mind.

Taoist music, which is light in texture, is fine for all of your practices. Tibetan chantings as well as the mantras of Guru Rinpoche can assist you in Earth related meditations.

When you’re trying to get into a fiery state of being, drums or strong fire elemental music would be just fine.

The Water element is supported by Classical music, Kitaro the Japanese composer, and nature sounds (except for the crashing ocean sounds) with our ways of practice.

Like alchemy, you will need to experiment with sounds which entrain the brain into theta, delta and gamma.

Now what kind of music do we not use? Hard rock, rap, metal, goth, anger related musical sounds or lyrics that degrade another being. These are not to be used.

Following the Inner Sound

In the highest levels, once you have become “self” entrained easily into these mind states, one should listen to the inner sound heard inside the head. Following the sound back to its source reveals itself as an all pervasive gold or white light.

Seek the perfect sound for each of your practices. Once you have found the music, sounds or mantras that work for you with that specific practice, only use that piece of music. Do not change it so that the mind and the subconscious can lock onto the perfect state of mind.