Phurba or Kila Dagger

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Phurba or Kila Dagger

We have been receiving interesting emails on the use of the phurba in a negative way and would like to give light to those who do not understand the proper use of the phurba.

When you travel the ancient ways of the spiritual path, no matter what you practice, you will need to remove mental and physical obstacles during this sacred walk towards “re-enlightenment.”

The phurba ways of cultivation are a well-known way in Tibet to clear the rocks you step on during the awakening trials.

Phurba practice requires great compassion, love, humility, and many positive virtues to succeed.

Yes, one can get far in energetic, mind, and posture holdings, but a strong, time-tested method connected to an authentic lineage is also required.

Use and Mis-use of the Phurba

Some people may think the phurba is a tool of power to use against people they may not like for one reason or another. They may justify this by saying there are demons behind them or they may just want to hurt those they feel warrant such negativity.

No human being or being is here to reprimand another; this is a sign of self-righteousness.

The Kila dagger is not designed to do such negative things. If you know somebody who is supposedly cultivated and is attempting to get revenge or harm others, it only shows that they are truly not cultivated within their own heart. If these teachers get many unaware people to follow their ideas and unite to attain a specific edification that they desire, it would not be successful. Instead, it would reflect back towards them and their followers with negative results ten fold.

Remember, you are responsible for your own actions; even if you are being led, you will still get the reciprocation.

History of the Phurba

This practice is powerful and practiced by many Tibetan masters and yogis going back into time. Shamans originally used it as tent stakes to protect themselves from spirits within unknown lands that they traveled through.

The KUNLUN System uses positive virtues to assist you in removing obstacles mentally or physically but requires patience, humility, and practice from the heart. In our tradition there are temple ways, yogi ways, and cave-dwelling ways of using and practicing the phurba dagger.

The phurba dagger itself has many outer, inner, and secret meanings. Getting a good phurba made of iron, meteorite, or crystal will be necessary.